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The Dariu Foundation


The Dariu Foundation (Thailand)

The Dariu Foundation is an international non-governmental organization based in Switzerland with activities focusing on microfinance and education.

Empowering low-income families with microfinance and education
    We want to empower the poor, especially low-income women and disadvantaged children, with our two vital pillars: microfinance and education that have shaped the strategies of The Dariu Foundation since its establishment.

What Foundation do

We help the poor in rural areas to help themselves and enable them to lead a better life and a better education for their children.

  • Digital Literacy within the next years we will educate 800,000 students in Digital Intelligence, whereas at lease 50% will be girls.

  • Vocational Training create access to industry oriented, employment-linked training at an affordable cost of unprivileged youth.

  • Scholarships assisting children among the poorest families to be enrolled at school and prevent them from dropping out.

  • Building Kindergartens building new schools in areas where there are no schools or access for children is difficult in the underserved communities.

  • Mobile Schools our innovative solution to solve the problem of lack access to computers and internet for the disadvantaged children in rural areas.

  • Microfinance we provide low-income clients with affordable microloans and convenient saving services through group lending methodology.

Foundation Impact

We believe that investing in woman – who are generally considered “unbankable” – with microfinance services will lead to a better life for their families. The next stage for us is to become a leading microfinance institute with accountability and transparency in Vietnam, Myanmar, India and Thailand.

The Dariu Foundation (Thailand)
An official country member of The Dariu Foundation Europe