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Digital Quotient


Digital Quotient 
By Assistant Professor Dr. Meechai Osuwan

Is your child ready for the digital future? Prepare your child for the digital age, skills that modern parents need

    Start with the international research network, the DQ Institute in Singapore, the purpose of establishment is to conduct research; study, analyze and formulate guidelines for the development of the world population to become a quality digital citizenship. Cooperate with more than 100 public and private network partners from 33 countries to collect research data on internet usage behavior and access to social networks of over 600,000 children and youth around the world. The results found that the target group of age between 8-12 years, 56 percent are in risk from the online world. The solution of this crisis; creating the Digital Intelligence Quotient DQ, which is a measure of human digital intelligence level. A tool for human capital development, which is not much different from the intelligent indicators as IQ and EQ

    Assistant Professor Dr. Meechai Osuwan brought DQ solutions to teach in Thai classroom under the concept “Thai children in the digital age must have DQ skills together with IQ and EQ”, to encourage Thai children to understand and learn how to prevent cyber treats and to be quality digital citizenship of the world. With support from DQ Institute (Singapore), The World Economic Forum and UNICEF